Starlight Magic

Shop: FindingCharm

Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Swarovski Crystal Necklace...$35.00

An enchanting and sparkling necklace to wear for the festive season.  FindingCharm creates an intriguing and contrasting double-stranded necklace using  a stunning mix of swarovski crystals, silver metals, faceted glass, and geometric twists. You’ll be at the top of everyone’s list of compliments.


Shop: Ananya

Custom Bolero XS-L


Made from Japanese cotton this bolero is sure to please not only the wearer but also the onlookers. Charming pleated ruffles grace an open front and bottom hemline of this pretty bolero. Short cup sleeves accentuate the overall design.  Ananya from Bangkok designed this charming bolero. Wear with the skirt below or a pair of jeans; you’ll never tire of its versatility.


Shop: DirdyBirdy

Matte Onyx Trapezoid Earings

Trapezoid Earrings...SOLD!

DirdyBirdy of Wisconsin creates a pair of geometric inspired earrings. Tiny silver beads embellish the matte onyx trapezoid stones. Bring an extra bit of magic with you to the festivities when you wear these beautiful earrings.

Shop: TrimKo


Sequins Tube Top...SOLD!

With hundreds of sequins shining on this glimmering tube top, you will be the shining star of the evening. Be on the lookout, though, someone may want to make a wish come true. Starlight, star bright…


Shop: MoonHalo

High-Waisted Mini Skirt  --Size Small/Medium Ready to Ship other sizes Made to Order--

High-Waisted Mini Skirt...SOLD!

What is super sexy and comfortable all-in-one? Why it’s the high-waisted and stretchy mini skirt made from two layers of blended cotton jersey, lycra, rayon and cotton.  Created by MoonHalo of Dubai. Available sizes are small and medium.


Shop: Medusasmilk

Plain Black Pumps

Plain Black Pumps...N/A

The description may say “Plain Black Pumps,” but these pumps are anything but plain. Two moods in one create this stunning pair of shoes. On the one side is a straight classic edge, while the other side is an ultra-feminine open scalloped mood near the arch of the foot. A stylishly chic pair of plain pumps, I’d say.


A Bit of Festive Magic

Hot-to-Trot Evening Sequins

Shop: Crystalluna

Unique sterling silver jewelry- ring

Sterling Silver Ring...$40.00

A dazzling ensemble of ebony diamond Swarovski crystals, hematite, and ceramic crystallized with luxuriant jet stone, reigns superbly upon your hand. The designer uses an unparalelled technique of “Crystal Painting” to handcraft the 925 sterling silver casting. This exquisite ring, will be the only ring you wear for the evening.


Shop: MurielleKnitwear

80ies Vintage Black Sequin Jacket Nolan Miller Dynasty mint condition

Vintage Sequined Jacket...RESERVED/SOLD!

Just before you leave for your divine holiday party, remember to put on your sunshades before you look in the mirror for your one last, “I’m-all-that-and-more-look” because without the shades you will be mesmerized by this fabulous glistening sequined jacket and never make it out the door.  


Shop: FanneyChanel

Hot Pink Sequined Tube Top

Hot Pink Sequined Tube Top...N/A

Yes, we know this to-die-for hot pink tube top can’t be seen underneath the above body hugging mesmerizing jacket, but that’s the whole point.  You’ll be wearing sunshades, your prey won’t be. So, when you remove the jacket, this, honey-would-you-like-to-dance, siren sexy tube will throw in the knock-out punch to get him to say yes, and follow you onto the dance floor. Grrrowl!


Shop: Brokenghostcouture

Black Silver Lace Tiered Skirt Mini Short Evening S 'DOUBLE DOG DARE'

Black Silver Lace Tiered Mini Skirt...SOLD!

Overlapping tiers of divine ruffles made of sheer fabric with a detailed floral hemlines sewn over a silver fabric accentuated with a laced waist creates the heavenly shimmering effect even while you are standing still. Just imagine what will happen when you are walking to the party line outside of a fancy tavern. The adorable bouncer will say, “Excuse me folks, I’m letting the angel come to the front of the line.” Be sure to grace his cheek with a soft thank you kiss and glide on through the door.


Shop: DiamondIce

Black Velvet Ruffle Heels

Black Velvet Ruffle Heels...$30.00

Accentuate your legs with these traffic-stopping, amazing black velvet heels. With ruffles on the heel, your legs will be non-stop long all night long. Who can say no to you when you wear these beauties?


Shop: IndependentReign

Cute Lightweight Bag - Black

Black Lightweight Purse...SOLD!

When you’re the walking beauty all night long, you’ll need your accessories close at hand. Bring this lightweight purse with you. Lined in a hot pink and purple cotton and a patterned designed fabric, with a long cord made of suede, this is the purse to take to drop in all of their phone numbers.


Slips of paper get lost. Carry this delightful floppy disk mini notebook by Fishstikks to jot down those numbers.


One Shirt 3 Outfits

GoGo Boots  SOLD!

size 8 Vintage 60s Black MYSTERIOUS Patent GoGo Boots . Corset shaft
Vintage Vendor: Retrothreadz
Black Ice Vintage 70s Metallic Silver Shirt M
Vintage Vendor: Tialeyvintage
Houndstooth High Waisted Denim Shorts Free Shipping
Vintage Vendor: LoveItShop
Elegant Sheer Scarf is to be worn as a belt on the shorts.
Elegant Black Sheer Large Scarf Shawl or Wrap - 19 x 72 Long
Vintage Vendor: TotallyScarves is also featured in Glamour Snapshot
Teal Suede Leather Skirt    SOLD!
Teal Suede Vintage 80s Leather Skirt S
Vintage Vendor: Tialeyvintage
Black Lace Silver Floral Skirt   SOLD! 
SALE...The Black Lace and Silver Floral Skirt.
Vintage Vendor: Cherrybloomvintage
Stiletto Sandals
sz 7 70s 80s stiletto heel SEXY ankle strap sandals shoes
Vintage Vendor: Thevintagevoice
Light Blue Clutch    SOLD!
Vintage Vendor: Loverosevintage

Outfit of the Day 8: Simply Charmed

I have been thinking about this simply charming outfit for weeks. It reminds me of a contemporary Mary Poppins. Oh my, where’s the umbrella? Now, Mary Poppins wears Go Go Boots, has a keychain and drives a black Mercedes.
Go Go Boots
Victorian GO GO BOOTS mod 60s fits like a 7N no.265
Vintage Vendor: Bigapplevintage is also featured in Salsa Hot and Pink
Bowler Hat   SOLD! 
Vintage  BLACK WOOL Film NOIR star ladies BOWLER FELT HAT with VELVET ribbon from England
Vintage Vendor: BetaBoutique is also featured in Glamour Snapshot
Pink Bolero 
Vintage 60s BABYDOLL  LOLITA soft and warm FLEECE vintage cardigan or  PINK BOLERO, size Small, Medium, S / M
Vintage Vendor: BetaBoutique
Metallic Sweater  SOLD!   
vintage CROSSING SILVER Metallic Sweater Vest Top
Vintage Vendor: Lolavintage is also featured in Funky Chunkies
Suede High Waist Skirt 
Vintage 80s autumnal BLACK SUEDE HIGH  WAIST  mini PENCIL skirt, size Small to Medium
Vintage Vendor: BetaBoutique
Glass Balloon Keychain  SOLD!
Up Up and Away Glass Balloon Keychain
Jewelry Designer: Joanne79

Outfit of the Day #6: Show-off-Your-Curves

The final Outfit of the Day in the Outfit of the Day series begins with a lovely fitted blouse with an embroidered rose design. The blouse is fully lined with a back zipper and a cute bow tied at the neck. Since the blouse is fitted, it will fit nicely over the show-off-your-curves, slim-fitting daffodil-yellow skirt with ruffles along the hem that will swing when you walk. The outfit will definitely catch the eye of those who pass you on the street, in the office, at the bar, or, wherever you are so inclined to walk amongst people. While you are walking amongst people, you will also be wearing yellow Italian alligator print pumps with chunky heels that are a fashion trend of the fall season. Be sure to take your gorgeous and sleek black clutch with the gold chain with you. The clutch matches both your blouse and skirt and the gold chain sparkles in the bright and cheery daffodil-yellow about your hips and feet. Remember to pack your compact mirror designed with Mother-of-Pearl and a peacock, because using the computer monitor as a mirror just doesn’t work. Yes, I have tried this. Back on track, while your show-off-your-curves skirt is swinging to your own inner child music, your beautiful onyx drop earrings will be swinging right along with your cheerful attitude because when you wear this outfit, your divineness will sparkle to the world.

Black Roses Fitted Blouse  SOLD!

1950s Black roses fitted blouse top with decorative bow ( s/m )
Vintage Vendor: LaMistinguette
Daffodil Skirt - Bamboo - Made To Measure
Designer: Ureshii
Vintage Italian Made Yellow Pumps Size 8.
Vintage Vendor:  Janet5643
Black Clutch with Gold Chain  SOLD!
Vintage Black Clutch Purse with Gold Chain
Vintage Vendor: GrannyPantyDesigns
Mother-of-Pearl with Peacock Design Compact Mirror   SOLD!
Mother of Pearl Magnifying Makeup Cosmetic Handbag Purse Compact=
Designer: Nacreart
Onyx Drop Earrings  SOLD!
Drama Drop onyx earrings
Designer: Brighttr

Outfit of the Day 5: Casual Saturday

It’s casual Saturday! Yay!

Sing songy! Yellow, yellow, still on my mind. Yellow, yellow is always…a great find. Yellow, yellow, la, da, dee, daaaaa.

Yes, it’s another yellow outfit. Although, today’s outfit is yellow and turquoise from head to toe and even the iPod case. 

It’s so funny to me that for the past few weeks I had a horizontal tie-dye shirt in my favorites. Well, yesterday, a random idea popped into my head, that wouldn’t it be funny, if I accidently posted a shirt for a baby with an adult skirt. As I was looking at the photos in my favorites yesterday evening, I read the title of the tie-dye shirt.  The title read that it was a fit for a 4T. I was so disappointed, and somewhat dumbfounded, but, not for long. Etsy has everything! It did not take me long to find another pretty, yellow and turquoise tie-dye top, this time fit for an adult. Shaking my fists by my ears. Yay!

Crocheted Hair Wrap Dread Tube Cuff   SOLD!

summertime crochet hair wrap dread tube cuff
Designer: Twohills

Peace Symbol Tie-dye T-Shirt

Tie dye tiedye by Artist Art de Angela Unisex T shirt with PEACE SYMBOL Large turquoise blue olive green yellow
Tie-dye Designer: Specialtytiedyes
Goldfinch Pocket Skirt     SOLD!
Goldfinch Pocket Skirt
Hand Knit Hand Dyed Wool Socks  SOLD!
Hand Knit Hand Dyed Wool Socks Womens Sz.  Large 8-10   Spring Colors Yellow Greens Turquoise
Designer: Keepsakewool
BLING HIGH TOP Tenney Shoes with TURQUOISE Rhinestones
Designer: Craftylady2420
Stacked Yellow Earrings  SOLD!
Stacked Yellow Earrings
iPod Touch/iPod Phone Case  
Designer: Almdesigns

Outfit of the Day 3: Turquoise

Turquoise, the color of the blue-green waters of a tropical island, except, I wouldn’t want to wear this cute outfit walking along the coastline. It’s too pretty to be drenched in salt water. However, it’s just right for wearing to a dinner date with your mate at  a nice restaurant.

Turquoise Jacket  SOLD!

Aqua/Turquoise Silky Textured Vintage Top/Jacket
The Krissy Phlirt Skirt
The Krissy Phlirt Skirt
Miami Handmade Sandals     SOLD!
Organic Tagua Earrings  SOLD!
Turquoise  and lime  eco friendly organic tagua  earrings
Bluebirds Coin Purse   SOLD!

Outfit of the Day 1: Bright and Cheery

Ever since I posted “Outfit of the Week 7: Glamour Snapshot,” bright and cheery yellow has imprinted itself upon my brain every waking minute of the day. I have also noticed that my obsession with Etsy has increased. If I’m not thinking about bright and cheery yellow, then I’m thinking about matching outfits.

So, for this week only, I am indulging my obsession of bright and cheery yellow and matching outfits by posting daily outfits for six days. I’ll be skipping Wednesday, since that is usually a non-clothing post day. By next Monday, my obsession will be over and I’ll be back to my twice a week posting.

Sunny Yellow Cardigan

Sunny Yellow Crocheted Cardigan
Vintage Vendor: OldSchoolCool
Ruffled Floral Print Blouse 
Vintage floral print ruffle collar blouse s/m
Vintage Vendor: 11eggs
black Skirt with a zip detail
Designer: Tsifcaonline
Red Burgundy Vintage Heels size 9.5
Vintage Vendor: VintageRainbowShop
Lampwork Earrings  SOLD!
Candlelit Perfume Lampwork Earrings
Designer: Meyleek
Juicy Lemon Travel Mug  SOLD!
Pretty Travel Mug - Juicy Lemon
Designer: PrettyNPreppy

Outfit of the Week 3: U.S.A. Red, White, and Blue

I drew inspiration for this week’s Outfit of the Week: U.S.A. Red, White, and Blue from an outfit I discovered this past spring in my closet. I  searched Etsy for an outfit similar to my closet outfit, but mid-week, I changed my mind.

It’s the middle of the summer, and who wears a suede jacket, a long skirt, and boots? Alright, there might be someone, somewhere, so, I will save that outfit for when the temperature drops.

Yea, I remember I posted an Autumn Crisp Orange outfit just last week. Well, I don’t wanna do a cold temperature outfit two weeks in a row. Besides, it’s the 4th of July weekend.  It’s a time to remember why the US of A  is the greatest country in the world. Ok, I am biased. I haven’t ever lived anywhere else. No, I take that back. I lived in Turkey when I was three years old for a few months. I don’t have any memory of it.

It is a time to remember our soldiers who have fought, who continue to fight and who have died in foreign lands.

It’s a time to celebrate with our family and friends our unique heritage of all peoples.  It’s a time to celebrate our many freedoms, while eating hotdogs, spring rolls, hamburgers, pelmeni, steak, tamales,  jerk chicken, pancit,  crispy fish,  potato pancakes, pork and beans, Polish Meatballs, ham hocks, lentil stuffed peppers, bratwurst, watermelon, anise cookies, and cheesecake, ice cream and apple pie, and guzzling beer, sipping wine, and eating more food before we flop down on a blanket, or fall into a chair, or rest at the window, and watch the dazzling display of beauty in the evening sky.

The U.S.A. Red, White, and Blue outfit starts off with a pretty silver and white metallic, and cottony, sleeveless turtleneck with a defined “squiggle” pattern. It is made of acrylic and is a size small.  SOLD!

1960's mod sleeveless turtleneck sweater top in silver and white, size small

Vintage Vendor: Afterglowvintage


Complimenting the “squiggle” pattern of the turtleneck is a “fireworks” pattern of a 1920′s beautiful and burned silk velvet, vintage cobalt blue scarf. Wear it at the neck, pin it to your shoulder or wear it at the waist.

Vintage 1920s 30s Burned Silk Velvet Triangle Kerchief Scarf in Sapphire Blue.
Vintage Vendor: Souvenirsouvenir    SALE!
A dynamic mandala print captures the ethnicity of this charming and poofy, high-waisted red-orange skirt. Although you can’t see it, there is a side pocket.   SOLD!
PLAY WITH FIRE Cream and RED Ethnic Printed HIGH WAISTED FULL Pocket Mini Skirt S/M
Vintage Vendor: VonlenskaVintage
Slide your feet into a pretty pair of red and white spiraled slingback patent leather sandals. Size 9.  SOLD!
Vintage Red and White 2 Toned Patent Leather Slingback Sandals size 9
Vintage Vendor: Heartsndilly
Dangling in elegance from hand forged sterling silver wires are a pair of  gorgeous sapphire blue Czech glass drops with silver tone beadcaps. These stunning earrings look great morning ’til night!
Brilliant Blue Drop  Earrings- Sterling Silver and Cobalt Blue Czech Glass
Jewelry Designer: Dorkorama99  is temporarily closed.
Like the American Flag, this cute vintage red, white, and blue purse will never go out of style. It has a navy blue handle, red border along the top of the frame, and a cute semi-circle pull tab. The interior of the purse has a see-through vinyl pocket. Carry this purse from the office to the cocktail party.  SOLD!
Vintage Purse - Summer Red, White and Blue
Vintage Vendor: Bittersweetdesign
Happy 4th of July!

Outfit of the Week 2: Summer White and Black

Kicking off this week’s Outfit of the Week series, I thought I would do something different. In addition to the Etsy links, I have also posted the photos with permission from most of the vendors. The photos add a well-rounded, catalog feel to the posting. I have been thinking about the series all week, so much so, that instead of one outfit, I am presenting three outfits only for this weekend beginning with Summer White and Black.

Summer White and Black outfit begins with a pretty vintage white knit sweater by Etsy Vintage Vendor,  EpsilonVintage.  A soft chainlink design across the top and bottom of the sweater accentuates the scalloped neckline and hem. The tie-waist and the gathered pleats at the shoulder make this quite a unique sweater.  It will keep you warm on the coolest summer days. 

vintage Tie Waist White Knit Sweater
A black and white patchwork tiered design of diamonds, flowers, and paisleys sparked an interest for this pretty 100 % cotton skirt. Catch the summer breezes walking down main street and watch the heads turn, as well. Etsy Designer, JanelizabethsSOLD!  However, she has other pretty skirts.

Skirt Tier,Womans Size 10-14 Elastic Waist, Black and White, Cotton

The Summer White and Black outfit can be dressed down or dressed up. I chose to dress it up with a pair of delightful black patent leather Vintage Ci Ranno Mary Jane shoes with a two-inch heel. Although the shoes have been gently worn, you can see yourself in the leather’s shine. Etsy Vintage Vendor, DianaDwain.
Vintage Ci Ranno Strappy Black Mary Janes - Patton Leather size 6.5
Jewelry and makeup always put the finishing touches on a well-dressed woman. Gracing about the neck on the Summer White and Black outfit is a Vintage Sterling Necklace designed with a Snowflake Obsidian gemstone. An intricate chainlink border surrounds the “mind, body, and spirit” balancing gemstone. Etsy Vintage Vendor, purpledaisyjewelry.
Vintage Sterling Necklace Snowflake Obsidian N1606
Shimmerin’ and swingin’ from the ear is a pair of contemporary and handmade “Black Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings” SOLD!  by Etsy Jewelry Designer, FindingCharm. Pay close attention to these earrings. The “black glass bicones” and the rounded “black glass balls” sitting atop and below “silver slides” accentuates the diamonds and the flowers of the above tiered skirt. It’s a perfect combination!
Black Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings

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